Delivery times set to be slashed by 75% on parts

Parts ordering processes are set to speed up with the imminent introduction of LG Electronics new web-based ordering system later this year.

LG Electronics is planning to launch into the Middle East a dedicated Web-based parts ordering system in the fourth quarter of this year.

The South Korean electronics company says the system will reduce parts order processing and delivery times by as much as 75%.

“Currently around 48 hours are spent on processing requirements but with the new system in place, that could come down, on average, to around 12 hours,” said Young-Rai Roh, Managing Director, LG Electronics Middle East Co. Ltd.

“Spare parts will then be immediately despatched from our regional warehouse in Jebel Ali, which carries more than six months worth of stock at any one time.”

Presently, LG’s parts and service operation for the Middle East and Africa is linked to 200 regional distributors and independent electronics spare parts vendors.

Net-based Channel Chain

“We want to gradually combine our existing channel chain with the Net-based one,” said Roh. “Payments will still be possible through the usual bank channels even with the launch of on-line credit card payment facilities later this year.”

LG’s major regional partners, of which there are about 60, will continue to receive the standard credit facilities.

“Partners in the more remote locations could, however, speed up delivery schedules by credit card payment,” explained Roh.

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