Link Egypt and InTouch form largest Arabian ISP

Link Egypt, which was started five years ago by 12 college graduates, has announced a merger with Egyptian ISP, InTouch, to form the largest ISP in the Arab world, LINKdotNET.

Link Egypt, which was started five years ago by 12 college graduates, has announced a merger with Egyptian ISP, InTouch, to form the largest ISP in the Arab world, LINKdotNET.

The new company employs 230 people and, with more than 100,000 users and hundreds of businesses, is the largest private ISP in the region.

Company representatives expect the merger to provide LINKdotNET with the additional financial resources, infrastructure and expertise to expand into a fully regional Internet business.

“I am delighted to see another important step in Link’s vision realised as we today become the largest ISP in Egypt and now have the resources to take the combined operation fully regional,” said Khaled Bichara, President and Chief Executive Officer for LINKdotNET.

Compete Globally

“The creation of LINKdotNET will not only immediately benefit each current and future client, but will also provide the platform for Egyptian businesses to take advantage of Internet business models and compete globally.

"Our e-commerce and web solution development services are already helping customers in Egypt, the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to use the Internet to drive their businesses.

“The bottom line is consistent, reliable, faster and cheaper internet services and solutions for Egyptian businesses and consumers,” he added.

“That kind of technology driven attitude is what sets LINKdotNET apart from any other Internet company in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Orascom Telecom recognised the huge latent potential in the Egyptian Internet market that would only be achievable for Egyptians with the right Internet services on offer and were keen to invest in LINKdotNET.

Naguib Sawiris, Chairman of Orascom Telecom and LINKdotNET said: “Orascom Telecom invested in Link, because the company had a strategic vision to take it from an Internet start-up to a world class ISP capable of providing for hundreds of thousands of users and some of the world’s largest organisations.

"The creation of LINKdotNET puts Egypt another step further ahead to taking its rightful place in the global Internet economy and export its own technology capabilities to the Middle East and Africa region.”

Increased Staff

LINKdotNET expects to add new development teams and support team members, as well as additional billing services representatives shortly.

“This merger gives us 230 smart, young, dynamic people in the organisation all focused on the Internet solutions business, making LINKdotNET a unique proposition for young Egyptians who want an Internet-related career,” said Bichara.

“The enormous demand for our Internet solutions currently means that we are on a permanent recruitment drive and we provide great opportunities for young graduates who want to acquire Internet skills and work with the latest Internet technologies. Our average employee is aged 26.”

LINKdotNET now plans to extend its wide range of turn-key services, which already include dial-up and leased line connectivity in Egypt, hosting and web development to a wide range of consulting services.

“There is a great deal of opportunity to expand our consulting business to governments, businesses and telecommunications providers in the region,” concludes Bichara.

“With the regional interest in e-commerce and e-business, and the global move towards convergence between telecommunication and the Internet - LINKdotNET’s future business prospects are extremely exciting.”

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