Sakhr launches free web translation service

Sakhr Software Co.'s free Arabic web translating service set to to be available all over the world after a successful trial in Saudia Arabia.

Sakhr Software Co. has announced the launch of, a web site to translate web pages from English into Arabic as a free service available to Arab users all over the world. was first launched in Saudi Arabia, but its success has now resulted in the technology, powered by Sakhr proprietary Machine Translation engine, to be launched worldwide.

By clicking the “Translate” button in, a user can view a specified web page in Arabic and even preserve the original page layout.


The site advertises an acceptable accuracy of translation but the quality can be improved with further options, such as specifying the domain of the web page subject to translation, forfeiting layout accuracy or transliterating words not common in general lexicon. also allows users to search the web in Arabic via well-known search engines. Sakhr intends to launch a new free service to translate Arabic to English by the end of this year.

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