Press Release Network lands major global deal

UAE-based Press Release Network will distribute electronic press information globally for superstar Julio Iglesias

Press Release Network (PRN), a digital press release distribution service run out of the UAE, has received recognition from none other than pop superstar Julio Iglesias.

Iglesias has selected PRN to handle the job of distributing all electronic press information for a forthcoming record release.
The deal is exclusive, global and covers all entertainment and music-related publications.

It will also cover distribution of electronic material to TV, radio and online media as well as print media.



Sharad Agarwal, CEO of Press Release Network, believes PRN was selected for two reasons. One was its global database of both generic publications and specialist entertainment titles; the other was its tracking service, which follows where stories are being used in the media.

Whatever the reasons, Agarwal was delighted by the recognition. “This is our first major account,” he says. “We hope to get a lot of good mileage out of this.”

Julio Iglesias isn’t the only international superstar to have noticed this company, which was born and raised in the UAE.

Agarwal confirmed that Business Wire, the world’s largest electronic press release distribution agency, has made an offer to buy him out.

He’s holding out in the belief that someone will top the seven figures he is rumoured to have been offered.

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